Unleash Your Kids' Strength: October 7th Bootcamp and Free Trial Session

Join our exhilarating October 7th bootcamp for an extraordinary experience targeting both lower and upper body strength. It’s not just about fitness; it’s a chance for your kids to shine! We’re kicking off with a free trial session to introduce your kids to the excitement, with no commitment required.
Expect dynamic Agility and Quickness training with speed challenges, team races, and engaging activities. Our energetic warmup and stretching routine set the stage for invigorating workouts. Plus, we’ve got safe tumbling mats and a playful bubble machine to make it even more fun. After October 7th, parents can choose to sign up if they’re interested. Join us every Saturday for a dynamic journey!
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October, 7th

, Bootcamps


9:30 AM

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Deleo Regional Sports Park
Sycamore Creek Corona, CA

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your fitness journey and have a blast while doing it! We look forward to seeing you there.